Our delivery is a market leading £4.95 to anywhere in the UK.

We know how important it is to receive your goods when you expect them, especially if you’ve ordered something for back to school. We aim to process and dispatch all orders within 5 working days at the most. 

Why do we use DPD?

Predictive Delivery Technology: DPD has differentiated itself with its state-of-the-art Predict technology, which provides customers with unprecedented accuracy and convenience in delivery management. This system sends customers a one-hour delivery window notification, reducing the need for them to wait all day for a parcel. Additionally, customers can track their driver's location in real-time and even reschedule their delivery if needed, directly from their smartphone or computer.

Environmental Initiatives: DPD has taken significant strides towards sustainability, which is increasingly important to both consumers and businesses. They have implemented a number of green policies, including the use of electric vehicles and the aim to make all deliveries carbon neutral. This commitment not only helps in reducing environmental impact but also aligns with the growing consumer preference for eco-friendly business practices.

Customer Experience and Satisfaction: DPD places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, offering multiple user-friendly options for managing deliveries. The company provides several convenient options for customers to receive their packages, such as safe place delivery, neighbor delivery, and local pickup points. Their proactive approach in handling customer inquiries and resolving issues quickly enhances the overall customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

We aim to meet these delivery times but during busy periods deliveries may take a little longer. Occasionally circumstances outwith our control such as extreme weather conditions or delivery service vehicle breakdowns will mean that some deliveries may be delayed.

Please note that orders containing more than one school may arrive in more than one delivery.